about us / our mission

GLMR is a small, woman-owned business founded by Mara Mayfield based in San Diego, CA.

Our goal is to make high-quality, ethically responsible glitter gels available at accessible pricing.         

When she's not doing her glitter thing, Mara enjoys spending time with her husband, family, friends, and dog Roo. She also enjoys traveling, singing, working out, playing volleyball, going to the beach, and attending concerts/festivals.


Will my jar dry out?
If you take good care of your GLMR, it shouldn't dry out. Our jars feature a freshness seal that keeps them fresh and usable. However, proper storage is very important! Avoid storing your jar anywhere that it is exposed to heat, cold or direct light and make sure to keep the lid screwed on completely tight! If your jar does dry out, you can bring it back to its former glory by mixing in a drop of aloe vera gel and voila - just like new! 
Do you offer local pick-up?
Yes! Local pickup is available for our San Diego location.
Do you accept orders for custom blends? 
Yes! We happily accept custom orders and will work with you to make the perfect custom blend in any color(s) and shape(s) your heart desires! <3   
Is GLMR vegan & cruelty-free? 
YES - we love animals and don't think animals should ever suffer for the sake of our cosmetics! GLMR is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free and doesn't sell in markets that require animal testing.        
Is GLMR eco-friendly?
We make every possible effort to lower our environmental impact. This includes:
- being 100% vegan & cruelty-free and using all-natural, plant-based gel   
- biodegradable makeup wipes included with each order to encourage customers to remove glitter with these rather than washing it off in the sink/shower (and down the drain into the ocean).
- donating a portion of each sale to The Ocean Conservancy to support their efforts at keeping our ocean clean - our sparkles shouldn't dull the ocean's! 
- jar recycling program: have an empty GLMR jar and ordering another? Send us the empty jar (we'll pay the shipping) & we'll refill & send it back to you filled with your new glitter gel! 
- avoiding unnecessary paper or plastic in our packaging.
- using eco-friendly products in all our office/manufacturing locations                                                                                                    
Is GLMR biodegradable? 
You may have seen or heard of biodegradable/eco-friendly/earth-friendly glitter. Sadly, there is no such thing yet. Studies show that "biodegradable" glitter has a similar effect on water systems to regular glitter. That being said, we provide all the above eco initiatives in an attempt to lower our environmental impact.                                                                                                                     
Glamour or glimmer? 
While our product is both glamorous and glimmering, the correct spelling and pronunciation is glimmer. The name comes from combining the first 2 consonants in glitter (GL) & Mara (MR).     
Why GLMR? 
Mara started GLMR in 2023, but her relationship with glitter goes wayyyy back. 
It started with mostly festivals and parties, but began to seep into everyday life. Eventually, people started knowing Mara as the glitter girl. Inviting her to a wedding or party meant everyone would very likely be covered from head to toe by the end of the festivities (and sometimes for days after). It's your birthday? Glitter. Sunday brunch? Glitter. Monday Scaries? Glitter. I think you get the idea.
When it came time for her own wedding in Santorini, she knew she had to have glitter gel for her guests. And not just any glitter - it HAD to be a custom blend.
So she reached out to her go-to brand, thinking they'd be excited about the opportunity to incorporate their glitter gel into her big day. Imagine her surprise and disappointment when they quoted her upwards of $1,000 for just 50 jars of glitter! Unwilling to give up on her sparkly dreams, she decided to make the glitter gel herself and it was a total hit! This first blend featured a blue mix, teal dolphins, gold 4-pointed stars and glow in the dark 5-pointed stars in a vegan aloe vera-based gel. It is available for purchase on the site as "Sea & Stars."  
While Mara really loves making and wearing glitter, what makes her happiest is sharing it with others. Whether it's a classic or custom GLMR blend, she hopes her glitter can make your life just a tiny bit sparklier and you a tiny bit happier.